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The growth of the cryptocurrency market has been revolutionary, leading to a lot of innovations and developments. The volatility of cryptocurrencies has often been likened to gambling, and new developments only create more connections to this comparison.

The online gambling industry of online casinos and crypto casinos are always looking for ways to attract more players, and Lucky Degen’s recent launch of the first Metaverse NFT slot machine is a great example of this.

Lucky Degens: NFT Slot Machine

Players can win non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by playing the digital slot machine at the Lucky Degens embassy in Decentraland, the embassy is to be found with these coordinates (-57,-104). This Metaverse launch is just another example of the growing relationship between the world of cryptocurrencies, Web 3 and online gambling.

The Lucky Degens NFT casino is the first of planned casino-based Metaverse functions. The slot machine can be used by Lucky Degens NFT owners and non-owners who doesnt own a NFT. Play for free 10 times a day without owning a Lucky Degens and 50 times a day by owning one, and get the chance to win an NFT.

This is another step in the right direction for Lucky Degens since they launched their Web 2 online casino with cryptocurrencies as deposit and withdrawal methods. With VIP benefits such as 25% profit share from the online casino and 25% cashback on deposits by owning and staking a Lucky Degens NFT and much more.

Metaverse Casino Benefits by owning a Lucky Degens NFT

Profit share: 30 – 40% of the profit generated from the Metaverse casino
Airdrop: Lucky Degen holders will get $LUCKY token airdrop – scheduled in Q3
Wearables: Airdrop of unique items for each character of Lucky Degens in Decentraland

Other NFT Slots

However, Lucky Degens NFT slot machine isn’t the first out there in the online gambling industry, Red Tiger Gaming launched their NFT Megaways slot game back in September 2021 which is a crypto pixelated theme with Crypto Punks characters, up to 200,704 Megaways paylines, 10.000x max win and Crypto Punks as WILD symbols.

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